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EVA Technologies Hosted Events

The EVA Technologies team frequently hosts public events and our service packages include private training session specifically designed for senior executives and IT staff.

Public Speaker

Public Events

Public events are held frequently with partners such as regional  Chamber of Commerce.  The objective is to share knowledge with attendees that help individuals and businesses be more secure in their day to day lives and interactions with technology.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Private Executives Training

Our service packages include free training for senior executives.  We believe a minimum knowledge of basic cybersecurity issues that are common across all enterprises has a huge impact on management decisions.  Giving senior management the edge is easy when they know what to look for and have been given a cheatsheet of questions to frequently ask.

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Full Cybersecurity Training

The EVA Team is a veteran team of top cybersecurity professionals that have also taught university programs in numerous institutions.  Once a year we offer a private cybersecurity program for individuals who wish to invest in themselves and launch their cybersecurity career.  This program is restricted to individuals who have been interviewed and found to possess the qualities of a great cybersecurity ressource.

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